Frequently Asked Questions with Answers

Question: What time do we need to arrive on Saturday morning?
Answer: Triathletes – 6:30 am for packet pickup (if applicable) and body-marking.
Important: 7:40 am mandatory pre-race meeting at the beach.
Volunteers – time appointed by their course leaders.

Question: Where may we park our vehicles?
Answer: On Washington Ave away from course, the American Legion parking lot, high school parking lot or nearby residential
streets. Note: Not in City Park/Pavilion area (closed for course).

Question: What time does the race start time?
Answer: 8:00 am. Please note 7:40 am mandatory pre-race meeting at the beach prior to race start.

Question: What is the order of the courses/races?
Answer: Swim, Bike, then Run…or Paddle, Bike, then Run.

Question: What are the distances for each segment of the race?
Answers for Olympic Course: Swim = 1½ kilometers, Bike = 40 kilometers, Run = 10 kilometers
Answers for Sprint Course: Swim = 500 meters, Bike = 20 kilometers, Run = 2.92 miles
Answer for the SUP/Kayak Course = 2 mile paddle, and then either the Sprint or Olympic bike and run based on what you
registered for.

Question: How will I know what wave I am in?
Answer: The waves will be emailed out to all participants on Thursday prior to the race, and posted on a board in the Pavilion prior to the start of the race.

Question: Relay Teams -‐ Who wears the bib?
Answer: Runner wears the bib (pinned or clipped). Cyclist will have number marked on both arms and a calf. Swimmer will
have number marked on both arms and a calf. Paddlers will have their number marked on both arms and a calf.
Note: Each transfers the ankle bracelet for timing upon completing their respective part of the race.

Question: When does transition area open?
Answer: The triathlon will open the transition area at approximately 6:00 am.

Question: When does transition area close?
Answer: The triathlon team begins to tear down at approximately 11:30 am.

Question: Are there ‘elite’ bike racks?
Answer: No.

Question: Where may we fill our water bottles?
Answer: There is a water filling station near the Pavilion and also a sink in the restrooms.

Question: Can we wear wetsuits for the swim course?
Answer: Yes.

Question: Can we wear wetsuits for the SUP course?
Answer: Yes.

Question: Where do I put my Kayak or Paddle Board?
Answer: All Kayaks and Paddle boards and Paddles must remain in the designated area on the south side of the pavilion until
after the post race meeting. At that point, the PA announcer will announce where to move them to.

Question: How will the start of the Kayak and SUP divisions happen?
Answer: The Kayak/SUP divisions will be mass starts with the kayaks and paddle boards starting in the water.

Question: Do I have to wear a life jacket in the Kayak and SUP divisions?
Answer: SUP Participants MUST have a Type III PFD (personal flotation device) attached to their boards or worn properly
while paddling during the race. Kayak Participants MUST wear an approved Coast Guard personal floatation device. Paddlers
who do not wear life jackets will be disqualified. The race committee reserves the right to require paddlers to wear their life

Question: Can I sit or kneel while paddling my SUP in the Stand Up Paddle Board Division?
Answer: Participants must be standing while paddling on the course from the start line until crossing over the finish line. A
participant is allowed to sit, lay, or kneel only for resting during a race. Once a participant takes more than five strokes while
sitting, laying or kneeling during the race, this competitor is disqualified in the race and shall receive DNF. The exception to the
Standing Only rule is for any safety reasons where a participant needs to avoid a potentially dangerous situation.

Question: Can I rent a kayak or paddle board from YoungLife for this race?
Answer: No, you must supply your own. And you are responsible for transportation of all race equipment.

Question: Does Detroit Lake have zebra mussels?
Answer: No.

Question: How many male/female Olympic/Sprint course racers?
Answer: The registration table possesses/posts that data.

Question: What is the general street route of each course?
Answer: Please go to course map and read the details in the orange column on the left of the page. Then reference the illustrated
course map.

Question: When will we know the race is complete?
Answer: A volunteer cyclist will be riding behind the last runner on the Olympic course. When we see this cyclist approaching
the finish line, we will know the race is near completion.

Question: Will there be finish line food?
Answer: Yes. Bananas, oranges, bagels, sandwich cookies and fruit snacks.

Question: How will I know the results and winners?
Answer: Results will be posted on the results board in the Pavilion periodically throughout the morning.

Question: Where do proceeds from this Triathlon go?
Answer: Proceeds support Lakes Area Young Life, a ministry to youth in the local area.

Question: What is Young Life?
Answer: Lakes Area Young Life is part of Young Life -a world class organization for adolescents. Our staff and volunteers enter
the world of kids, focusing on what matters to them -‐ fun, adventure, friendship and a sense of significance. In doing so, we
earn the privilege of talking to them about the good news of Jesus and His love for them. Kids’ lives are dramatically impacted
when caring adult ts come alongside them, and they begin to see that their lives have great worth, meaning and purpose.

For more: Need more information? Desire to be part of our team? We’d love to show you YoungLife!

Speak to: Peter Paulson, Area Director – [email protected]